Why choose us?

Our mission is to offer a quality product in affordable price, covering the area of ultrabooks or subnotebooks, which currently are at very high prices.

We are located in Spain and we have 10 years of experience in this sector, and of course we give 2 years warranty insitu.

You can see a video of presentation in the University UNED (click here). You will learn more about us.

Why choose Slimbook?

We could say that they are very light and fast, its design and performance are really incredible, its components are top quality, and we don't want us to buy, we want to choose; but we'll let you decide why.

They end up joining in our country, Spain, with the best brands:

porque slimbook

Let's talk about the warranty and service

Our notebooks come with 2 year warranty insitu in Spain, this means that if you have a manufacturing defect, we pick you up at your house for free (in Spain).

We have our own technical service in Spain, with more than enough experience in this portable electronics, and has also been authorized service for other top brands.

For Europe customers, the warranty would work like this: You'd send us the laptop, we'd proceed to repair it and send it back covering the cost for this last shipment.

At last, for outside Europe customers the client has to cover both shipments.

What is the difference between the CLASSIC, KATANA and KDE models?

The first difference is that the KATANA has Intel 6th generation processors. While the previous model, CLASSIC, has Intel 5th generation processors.

This change involves changes in the integrated graphics, being the most powerful KATANA, the HD520. But do not be fooled, because the previous model uses the HD5000 and is inferior graphics performance.

These changes are associated with significant changes in the motherboard, which has been significantly enhanced.

As it relates to the display KATANA already has improved AntiGlare, or anti-glare panel and a higher color density, which gives the best view colors and less eyestrain.

Some of the new model changes are cosmetic, as the logo of our brand with a dim light that comes on when the computer is running. Or the possibility to choose the computer in 3 different colors, gray, black and gold.

About the differences between our KATANA model and the upcoming KDE, there aren't internal hardware differences. The only difference is the exterior, silver was really popular with classic, and we keep getting questions about a possible silver katana so we saved that color for KDE only to encourage people to try it out.

Can I order my Slimbook with a Keyboard Layout that isn't available on the store?

First, these are the Keyboard Layouts we've available on our store:


We're receiving many emails for different keyboard layouts lately. If you're interested on getting a Slimbook but your keyboard layout isn't currently available on our webpage, feel free to email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and ask about it. We'll see if we can get one for your order and if it becomes popular we'll add it to the webpage too!

Could it be upgraded?

RAM, unlike in many other ultrabooks, is not soldered to the motherboard, so it can be changed or upgraded. We assemble in 4GB, 8GB and 16GB of RAM.

Samsung SSD hard disk or assemble Crucial is available in storage capacities of 120GB, 250GB and 500GB, not welded to the plate that can be changed.

The network card Wi-Fi is an Intel Dual Band, can also be changed.

If you're wondering if these changes can make your own, say that being such a slim laptop does not have a cover for the RAM, the lower base is all one. Unfortunately we have found private adventurers who have opened the laptop and some grated track with screwdrivers, therefore we prefer to let the work to us. Enlarge laptop time after purchase is a service we provide, and for which only charge 30 €, a figure much lower than other official technical services of other brands.
Any changes made in a Slimbook that has not been done by our technical service shall be exempt from warranty.

How much laptop weights?

The weight of notebook with a 120GB SSD, and 4GB of RAM, is 1.39 kg.

Battery duration?

When you turn on the computer with the battery of 100%, the operating system tells you that the battery will last about 9 hours. Many laptop manufacturers who dare to sell their laptops indicating these times.
We do not want to lie, those nine hours are in a position of little use and little brightness screen, even if you turn off wifi more lengthen the duration. But let's face it, if you want to know what does the battery in normal use, our customers have proven durations up to 8 hours.
The interesting thing is that you give normal use the computer, thinking that the battery will last for 6 to 8 hours, and do not squander energy, such as turning off the bluetooth if you do not use ever, and lowering the screen brightness if the environment allows it.
Read more tips to lengthen the battery HERE.

What is the processor and other hardware?

You can learn the technical details of hardware in section "Technical data".

Are there cases and accessories?

Yes, and although most cases the market for portable 13'3 inches are valid for our models, we show you on our website a selection of bags and totally ideal for your Slimbook mice.

You'll also find a series of stickers to personalize your laptop and you fall in love it even more.

Visit section TIENDA.

Are there parts?

Yes, parts of all kinds, to make repairs both in and out of warranty, or to buy what you need.

Besides the basics: processors, solid state drives, RAM and wireless cards; we have: screens, batteries, chargers, aluminum housings, keyboards, flex cables, ... and other internal components that you can find in the section


Where are they made?

Although our portable base plates are manufactured in China (such as all brands), computers are completed to assemble, to taste (with your RAM or your hard drive) in Spain. Giving work to people in our country who are specialized technicians.
Also, the operating system also installs our technical team.

This makes invest in jobs in Spain, and also pay taxes here, ranging from VAT on imports and sales, to the income tax and the SS of workers.

porque slimbook

Shipping fees

- Domestic Shipping in Spain (Peninsula and Balearic Islands): 7.95 €

- Shipping within Europe: 65.00 €

- International Shipping outside Europe: 99.00 €

** You should note that tariffs and customs charges on arrival, you must pay the recipient at the time of delivery. The amount thereof, can not detail it, it depends on the type of merchandise and trade agreements between countries of origin and destination. This query can be performed at the embassy / consulate of the country.

** For international deliveries payment shall be made by card. Copper will be the bank that you in your local currency and charge the commission has established.