Why should you choose us?

Our mission is to offer a quality product at an affordable price, covering the area of ultrabooks or subnotebooks, which nowadays are very expensive.

Now we have also decided to launch a mini PC as powerful as a desktop computer.

We are located in Spain and have 10 years of experience in the sector. You can see a video presentation in the University UNED (click here) to  learn more about us.

Why choose Slimbook?

We could say that they are very light and fast, its design and performance are really incredible, its components are top quality, and we don't want you to buy from us, we want you to choose us; but we'll let you decide why.

They end up the assembling in our country, Spain, with the best brands:

why slimbook

Let's talk about the warranty and service

Our products come with 2 year warranty insitu in Spain, this means that if you have a manufacturing defect, we pick you up at your house for free (in Spain).

We have our own technical service in Spain, with more than enough experience in this portable electronics, and has also been authorized service for other top brands.

For Europe customers, the warranty would work like this: You'd send us the laptop, we'd proceed to repair it and send it back covering the cost for this last shipment.

At last, for outside Europe customers the client has to cover both shipments.

What is the difference between our laptops?

The main differences are size, processor and dedicated GPU. In this article you can see the differences in detail.

Can I order my Slimbook with a Keyboard Layout that isn't available on the store?

First, these are the Keyboard Layouts we've available on our store:


We're receiving many emails for different keyboard layouts lately. If you're interested on getting a Slimbook but your keyboard layout isn't currently available on our webpage, feel free to email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and ask about it. We'll see if we can get one for your order and if it becomes popular we'll add it to the webpage too!

Could it be upgraded?

Slimbook Katana II and KDE II

The RAM, unlike many of the other ultrabooks, is not soldered to the motherboard, so it can be changed, but it is only 1 socket. We assemble them in 4GB, 8GB and 16GB of RAM (and soon 32GB). The ram memory is 2133 Mhz DDR4 of voltage 1.2 V.

It can be purchased without a secondary disk, but not without a disk or main ram. The main disk is an M.2 SSD. The secondary disk can be SATA 2 or 3 (height not higher than 7mm).

Slimbook ONE

You can buy it with no secondary hard drive but you must choose a RAM and SSD. The SSD is a M.2, SATA and MSATA aren't supported. For the secondary drive it can be either SATA 2 or 3. RAM is 1600 MHz DDR3L with a 1,5 V voltage.

Installing the secondary drive isn't difficult if you're experienced at it, as you've to disassemble it all. If you damage the system while doing so it won't be covered on the warranty.

Slimbook EXCALIBUR 2

You can also buy it with no secondary disk, but not without RAM and primary disk. The SSD disk is M.2, SATA and mSATA isn't supported there. For the secondary disk though, it can be SATA2 or SATA3. RAM Memory is 2133 MHz DDR4 with 1.2V voltage.

Slimbook PRO 2

You can also buy it with no secondary disk, but not without RAM and primary disk. The SSD disk is M.2, SATA and mSATA isn't supported there. For the secondary disk though, it can be SATA2 or SATA3. RAM Memory is 2400 MHz DDR4 with 1.2V voltage.

If you're wondering if you can make these changes for your own, you should know that being such a slim laptop it does not have a cover for the RAM, the lower base is a whole single piece. Unfortunately we have found adventurers who have opened the laptop and grated some of the tracks with screwdrivers, therefore we prefer you let that work to us. Upgrading the laptop some time after purchase is a service we provide, charging 30 € only, a figure much lower than other official technical services for other brands.
Any changes made in a Slimbook that has not been performed by our technical service will be exempt from warranty. 

Can the hardware or battery be exchanged between our models?

No. For example, it's not possible to put the Katana II battery in a PRO2 or an Excalibur 2. As well as changing other hardware such as graphics, processor models, etc. The hardware will always be the one indicated in the informative pages of the products. The only thing that is configurable is what appears when placing the order: hard drive, RAM memory, screen, keyboard language, wifi card or OS.

How much does the laptop weight?

The weight of Katana II and KDE II  is 1.3kg (3.07 lbs~).

The weight of our EXCALIBUR 2 is 2.25 kg (4.96 lbs~)

The weight of our PRO2 is 1.44 kg (3.17 lbs~).

Battery duration?

In Katana II and KDE II when you turn on the computer with 100% battery, the operating system tells you that the battery allows about 9 hours of work. There are many laptop manufacturers who dare to sell their laptops indicating these times.We don't want to lie to you, those 9 hours are in conditions of little use and with the screen in little brightness, even if you deactivate the wifi you will lengthen the duration. But let's be honest, if you want to know how long the battery lasts in normal use, our customers have checked durations of up to 8 hours.
The most interesting thing would be for you to give do a normal use of the computer, thinking that the battery will last for 5 to 8 hours and do not squander energy, such as turning off the bluetooth if you don't plan to use it and lowering the screen brightness if the environment allows it.

In our Excalibur 2 model, the battery duration with a normal use lasts between 3 and 4 hours.

In our Slimbook PRO2 model, the battery duration with a normal use lasts between 4 and 5 hours.

What is the processor and other hardware?

You can learn the technical details of the hardware in the product section "Technical data".

Are there cases and accessories?

Yes, and although most cases/covers available in the market for portable 13'3 inches are valid for our models, we offer a selection of bags and ideal mice for your Slimbook on our website.

You'll also find a series of stickers to personalize your laptop so you fall in love even more with it.

Visit section SHOP.

Are there spare parts?

Yes, there are spare parts of all kinds, to make repairs both in and out of warranty, or to buy what you need.

Besides the basics: processors, solid state drives, RAM and wireless cards; we have: screens, batteries, chargers, aluminum housings, keyboards, flex cables, ... and other internal components that you can find in the SHOP.

I can't pay my order. What I do?

Most of the time when you can not finalize the payment with credit card is for the daily limit that you have established or because you have not activated the 3D Secure. In any case you have to contact your bank and they will tell you with certainty that the payment with your credit card is failing.
Payment will also fail if your credit card belongs to an another country than your IP.

If you have made more than 2 failed card payment attempts, the security system will automatically refuse any other payment attempts you make during the next 24 hours. If your bank has solved the failure of your credit card, wait until the next day to redo your order or if you do not want to wait, make an order choosing "Bank Transfer" as payment method and proceed to pay with this method.

Where are they manufactured?

Although our portable base plates are manufactured in China (such as all brands), computers are completely assembled to your taste (with your RAM or your hard drive) in Spain. Employing people in our country who are specialized technicians.
Also, the operating system is also installed by our technical team.

We invest in jobs for Spain and also pay taxes here, ranging from VAT on imports and sales to the income tax and the SS of workers.

why slimbook

Shipping fees

- Domestic Shipping in Spain (Peninsula and Balearic Islands): 7.95 €

- Shipping within Europe: 65.00 €

- International Shipping outside Europe: 99.00 €

** You should note that tariffs and customs charges on arrival, you must pay the recipient at the time of delivery. The amount thereof, can not detail it, it depends on the type of merchandise and trade agreements between countries of origin and destination. This query can be performed at the embassy / consulate of the country.

** For international deliveries payment shall be made by card. Copper will be the bank that you in your local currency and charge the commission has established.


The main differences are size, processor and dedicated GPU. In this article you can see the differences in detail.