This is an agreement between the owner of the SLIMBOOK brand and the buyer, the person who paid and the one who receives the SLIMBOOK repair services (hereinafter referred to as Customer). The services provided both for the sale and for the warranty are made through the web https://slimbook.es/ (hereinafter Web)


In order to enjoy the SLIMBOOK Warranty Service, you must:
- Accept the terms of the Website
- Have registered as a user on our website.
- Have purchased the product through our website.

The warranty is obtained by the owner of the purchase invoice, and can not be transferred to another owner.
The warranty covers only manufacturing defects.


This agreement will detail the rights and obligations of the Customer. This agreement forms part of the Standard Warranty Conditions of SLIMBOOK.

Customer data

The Customer is obliged to offer all the information requested in this document or web, and / or by any representative of SLIMBOOK in order to be able to register the product to the owner. This information must be accurate and updated. If there is any change in the data offered to SLIMBOOK (eg change of address) you should contact SLIMBOOK to update this information. If it is not fulfilled and you wish to process this Insitu Guarantee, SLIMBOOK reserves the right to apply the costs incurred due to the impossibility of collecting the product at the address noted by the Customer, as well as to suspend the SLIMBOOK Warranty Service.


The warranty for new products, manufactured or assembled by SLIMBOOK is 2 years from the date of purchase.

After opening the warranty request and approving our SAT collection (or your shipment if you do not meet the conditions of "Insitu"), such collection or shipment, must be made effective before 7 days.

The maximum resolution time in our technical service is 30 days from the date of receipt of the same to the information to the Customer of its resolution. This time may be extended in the case that the solution depends on other technical services, suppliers, suppliers, or is required by the Customer.

Repair in our Support Center, with pick up at your home

The warranty in Spain Peninsula will be insitu, that is, the product will be collected at the Customer's address, without the Customer having to pay, and through the transport entity selected by SLIMBOOK. If the repair is not typical of the use of this warranty, SLIMBOOK reserves the right to claim the shipping and collection costs, in addition to the repair costs.
In case of buying the product from outside the Spanish peninsula territory, the sending costs will be borne by the Customer.
In case of buying the product from outside the European Union, the round trip costs will be borne by the Customer.
Once SLIMBOOK receives the defective product, SLIMBOOK will be in charge of repairing your equipment and returning your repaired product, as long as it dictates that the failure is covered by the warranty.

Competencies of our Support Center or SAT

Our technical service is the only competent to determine which parts should be repaired or replaced, during the warranty period the defective parts replaced will remain on our property.
If any part needs to be repaired during the guarantee period, it will not be prolonged in any case. The warranty DOES NOT COVER IN ANY EVENT the possible damages to other elements or people produced by the incorrect operation of the product.
In the event that the product presented as defective does not really have such a defect, SLIMBOOK, will make a CHARGE to the owner of the product for handling and verification expenses by the Technical Service. It is the Customer's obligation to consult the Commercial Department for the current rate for these cases.

The products marketed by SLIMBOOK whose warranty is the responsibility of the manufacturer itself and taken care of through its Technical Assistance network, will be excluded from our warranty and subject to the one dictated by the same manufacturer. (Ex: EPSON, PHILIPS, RELISYS, LG, SONY, SAMSUNG, ASUS, GIGABYTE, OKI, etc)


These terms of the SLIMBOOK Warranty Service are subject to the Spanish laws and regulations. In case some term or condition of this document is obsolete or invalid, it will not affect the other terms that exist in this document. In case of any dispute, both SLIMBOOK and the Customer will agree to submit the case to the jurisdiction of Spanish law.

Companies, or customers that buy as a company or entity, are not within the framework of the Consumer Law and therefore their conditions of warranty are not those of this document, if not the minimum established by law. Modifying aspects such as that the legal term is 1 year, or that the portes of warranty management are not free. If you are a company or entity, consult the law.

1. General

SLIMBOOK warranty that the purchased laptop is free of manufacturing faults, during the period defined in this website, (at the time of purchase) from the date of purchase. Applicable warranty for those cases in which the defect appears during the first 6 months from the purchase of the equipment, if the defect appears later, it may require a higher level certification to our Official SAT in Spain, which shows that it is a manufacturing failure. The warranty applies only to new products, not parts or components.
Please, it is very important that you keep your email address, as this is your proof of purchase. As other brands require you to keep your invoice or proof of purchase, in this contract and service, we demand you have access to your email, as this is the proof that the customer is the owner of the product, which You have accepted these terms, and that you have actually purchased a product through us, and sold by us. This is so because of other similar or similar products, not sold by us, we are not responsible.

If the product fails during normal and appropriate use during the warranty period, SLIMBOOK, at its discretion, will repair or replace the defective parts or the product itself, with items functionally equivalent to the original or better ones, during the warranty period defined for said model, using new or restored parts or units. If the laptop is under warranty, all replaced parts or modules will become the property of SLIMBOOK. The battery has a 6-month warranty from the date of purchase. The warranty does not cover any other free accessory such as: bags, mouses, ...
All components repaired or replaced by the SLIMBOOK Portable Service Center will have an additional 3 months warranty. Not being this summable to the warranty of the initial period.

Please keep the original packaging, in case it is necessary to send the product for repair. The original packaging offers greater protection for your mobility. If the product is not sent in its original packaging, and above an outer packaging that protects it, SLIMBOOK is not responsible for possible damages that may occur during transport. After completing the repair, the product can be returned in a generic packaging (non-original packaging) if it has been altered.

SLIMBOOK is not responsible for the partial or total loss of Customer information, as well as the worsening of the damage due to disassembly or handling for the solution of the problem.

The diagnosis prior to the reception by the SAT, of the computer equipment, does not exclude the appearance of new problems after a more exhaustive diagnosis during its repair.

SLIMBOOK will recover the system to its original factory configuration in case of Hard Drive replacement. SLIMBOOK will not restore or transfer the information contained by the user, as well as programs and additional contents of the original Hard Drive.

2. Software Support

Your SLIMBOOK laptop is supplied with pre-installed software, but no support or warranty is given on the software, nor on the operating system.

If you have any problems related to the use of your SLIMBOOK laptop, we recommend you consult the SLIMBOOK website to obtain preliminary resolutions. If these do not solve your doubts, you should go directly to the software or operating system developers.

3. Default Screen policy

Even using the best possible standards, due to the intricate manufacturing of liquid crystal displays (LCD) with thin film transistors (TFT) and LED display screens , slight visual imperfections could occur. These imperfections do not affect the performance of your SLIMBOOK laptop.

However, SLIMBOOK provides a warranty service for TFT LCD and LED screens if there is at least:

(a) more than 3 bright spots, or 5 dark spots, or 8 bright spots / dark spots in total

(b) 2 adjacent bright spots or 2 adjacent dark spots

(c) 3 bright and / or dark spots in an area not greater than 15mm in diameter

(Note: A bright point is a white dot or sub-pixel that is always lit on black patterns. A dark point or sub-pixel is one that is off, excluding a black dot or sub-pixel that is always turned off excluding black patterns)

The inspection conditions are:

- No more than 30 cm. of distance in a straight line from the observer to the screen

- Ambient temperature between 20-40 ℃

- Luminosity between 300 and 500 lux

The warranty conditions for TFT LCD and LED screens are offered by the TFT LCD and LED manufacturers. Therefore, SLIMBOOK will offer a limited panel replacement service.

As for the screen protectors, which are optionally added to the screens, requesting or not the installation of the same, SLIMBOOK will consider bad installation if the protector has at least 4 points of air or dust located in the non-border areas of the screen , or no corners. In which case it will pay the amount of the protector.

4. Exclusions from Limited Warranty Service SLIMBOOK

The warranty excludes the following cases:

(1) The product has been operated, repaired, manipulated or modified by personnel not authorized by SLIMBOOK

(2) The product shows signs of having been beaten, of having been crushed or having been subjected to forces that cause breakage, separation, displacement, or detachment, of any of its parts.

(3) The serial number of the laptop, the components and / or accessories have been altered, canceled or removed.

(4) Seals or warranty stickers have been broken, removed, erased or modified.

(5) Damage caused by external electrical faults, accidents, natural disasters, intentional or accidental misuse, abuse, improper or negligent maintenance, or use under abnormal conditions.

(6) Damages caused by improper installations or connections of peripheral devices (printers, optical drives, memory cards, etc.).

(7) Damages caused by use outside the environmental storage or operation ranges detailed in the user's manual.

(8) There is damage caused by parts not supplied or sold by SLIMBOOK.

(9) Damages or losses in programs, data, or storage elements, or if there are costs for the recovery of programs or data.

(10) Damage caused by third-party software, illegal software, or viruses.

(11) No summit support to install or configure software, devices or configurations.

(12) Use in unsuitable environments (with dust, exposed to direct sunlight, vibrations, extreme temperatures [below 5ºC and above 40ºC], humidity outside limits [less than 10% and above 95% ] and power sockets without earthing protection, or protection against overvoltages).

(13) When its due to maintenance repairs, adjustment revision or cleaning.

(14) Because there is a life cycle shorter than the established warranty period.

(15) Due to technological limitations, some devices may be limited or not compatible with this product. These limitations are common or defined standards of the IT industry and are not specific to SLIMBOOK laptops

5. Before Contacting the SLIMBOOK Technical Assistance Service Center

- Back up your data and remove confidential information from your hard drive. SLIMBOOK and SAT or Service Center are not responsible for the loss of information, data or content programs.

- If you receive an error message, write it down together with the description of the problem and attach it together with your product.

- Obtain the Operating System Version and BIOS Version of your SLIMBOOK laptop.

- Make sure you have the Model, Serial Number, date of purchase and access to the email with which you purchased your SLIMBOOK.

- Proof that you are the buyer of the product will be required prior to the Warranty Service process.

- If the product is processed for shipment and return through the transport company, you must contact SLIMBOOK to carry out the service and it will be picked up by the transport company designated by SLIMBOOK in the case of a product under warranty, and this is Insitu, that is, within the Spanish peninsula territory.

- The SLIMBOOK Technical Service Center will provide you with an RMA Number to authorize the shipment of the product. If the RMA Number is not visible at the time of receipt of the product, the product will be returned without prior notification and SLIMBOOK will not be responsible for any loss or damage of the same.

6. To proceed to request the collection or shipment of the Slimbook you must follow the following steps:

The SLIMBOOK must be wrapped in a cardboard box protecting the original case of the Slimbook duly sealed. You must indicate on the outside of the package, written on a sheet and pasted on the outside the RMA number assigned by our SAT.

Attach a copy of the completed RMA form attached to this email to the shipment (inside the box).

The shipment of the product must be made with its original packaging, with all its accessories, manuals, etc.

7. Additional Information and Care of your product

- Read and follow the safety instructions and precautions included in the product user manual.

- When inserting your laptop into the transport bag, do not leave any cables connected and avoid overloading the transport bag with accessories, so as not to subject the laptop to excessive pressure that could cause damage or break the screen.

- The transport bags do not protect the product if it is placed in the trunk of a car or on an airplane, as it may cause bumps or knocks, use the original box or additional boxes for these cases.

- The battery must be fully discharged and charged at least once a month to extend the life of the battery. See the Tutorials section of the web, for more detailed information.

SlimBook Laptop Warranty conditions