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Opening Pro2 to replace battery

pat-s On Sábado, 10 Febrero 2018.
Categoría: Slimbook

Hi guys,


I tried opening my Pro2 to check for the battery and eventually replace it with one that has a higher capacaty. However, I got stuck opening the back case since something is still connected after all screws have been removed that prevents the back case from getting removed. 


So is there a way/tutorial on how to open the Pro2? And which battery brand do I need to look for if I want to replace the battery with a one with higher capacaty?


Cheers, Pat


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Re:Opening Pro2 to replace battery
cesarslimbook On Sábado, 10 Febrero 2018

We do not usually recommend that customers open computers because the laptop may can be damages that would not be covered by the warranty, so please be very careful.
We indicate it in case by cases, and send detailed instructions. We have even made a video for some models.
From the PRO2 I do not have video, but it sends photos of the screws that you have removed to sat@slimbook.es and they will tell you if everything is ok, or you have something to do.
You should send us photos with the specifications of the battery, since the wrong battery can damage the motherboard.
Also send your order number and serial number so that we can take note that you have opened it with our instructions :)
Be a little patient, today the SAT Team not work,
Thank you,