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Aquí dejamos un pequeño tutorial para arreglar el problema de la suspensión en los Excalibur INTEL.

Before starting, you should make sure that your computer is correct, to download and apply only the correct patch, or your computer will no longer turn on:
- Excalibur INTEL with i5-8250U or i7-8550U processors

The first thing we should do is install UNetbootin, if you do not know how to install it, there is a small tutorial on the web, which left the link:

Next you must format the USB from where you want to apply the patch in FAT32, or NTFS or EXT4.

Once done, UNetbootin opens and the FreeDOS system is chosen in version 1.0. Accept and in about a minute the USB will have burned, we can close UNetbootin.

Now, at the root of the USB, we will add the decompressed files of the patch, to download it we must be logged in with a buyer account.

Excalibur3: patch to fix the problem of the suspension of the Excalibur3

Once finished with extracting it, the following will be to patch the Slimbook following the following steps:

1- Disable the Secure Boot in the "Security" tab of the BIOS (to enter you must press F2).

2- Boot from USB (with F10 enter the BootManager), it is possible to see a blue window that only says "Default", nothing happens, we give Intro.

3- Next, we look for the option "... Live CD only" is usually at number 5.

4- Once inside, will be on the default disk "A:" write "C:" (without quotes) and enter. By default the layout of the keyboard is English, so the two points are where the Ñ, you have to press Shift + Ñ

5- We will be inside the USB, execute the following command:


to install it, it may already be installed.

6- We look for our uncompressed folder, to list files the command will be executed:


and to enter the folder with:

cd carpeta

7- Finally, in the uncompressed folder, there will be several files, we can see them with the dir command from step six, we will only execute:


The BIOS will start flashing, when it finishes, it will turn itself off.

8- We will leave it off for 1 minute and turn it on again, it will take a while, it is normal, once done, we can re-activate the Secure Boot to start our system.

exc3 suspend tuto

Suspension patch for Slimbook Excalibur INTEL (also known as Excalibur3)


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