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As we indicated in the title of the tutorial, UNetbootin (which means Universal Netboot Installer) is a multiplatform software that will allow us to install GNU / Linux distributions with a USB device.

Its main characteristics are the following:

  1. Its Cross-platform (Linux, Windows and Mac).
  2. Supports for the main Linux distributions.
  3. Its installation requires formatting of the device in FAT format.
  4. You can load other operating systems that have been downloaded in ISO image format.

 Please note, it does not support several installations on the same device.

Installation of UNetbootin from USB flash drive

The first thing we need is to download UNetbootin. To do this, open a Terminal (Ctrl + Alt + T) and enter the following:

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:gezakovacs/ppa
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install unetbootin

You will access the UNetbootin download repository, update it and then download it. Then we will have UNetbootin in our system.

It may seem obvious, but do not forget to run UNetbootin with root privileges. In our case it has been enough to use the command "sudo unetbootin" in Terminal.

UNetbootin Principal

UNetbootin is a simple application to use. There are two options to burn the ISO image on the USB:

  1. Distribution, in which we will select the GNU / Linux distribution of our system and its version. Once that is done, the distribution we have chosen will be downloaded from the internet.
  2. DiskImage, we can select a disk image (* .ISO) or a diskette image (* .IMG) that we already had.

Below we have two fields to select the type of unit and the specific unit that we want to work with, which in our case is USB Drive (although Hard Drive can also be selected). We make the pertinent checks and make sure everything is in order before continuing.

After pressing OK, UNetbootin itself will proceed to burn the image we had chose in the USB device.

This is how we burned our ISO on a USB flash drive, easy and relatively fast.

UNetbootin: instalation of GNU/Linux distributions from USB flash drive


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