ONE to rule them all

In our goal to bring the advantages from GNU/Linux to everyone, we've designed ONE. Now with 8th generation Intel processors.
The only computer you need to easily perform any computer task: work with documents, design, surf the internet, download files, watch movies in FullHD / UDH 4K and play in medium settings on most of the games available in the market.

Multimedia Center (MC)

If you choose Ubuntu MC, your Slimbook ONE will come with Kodi already installed, a multimedia center to watch anything you want on your TV: movies, TV series and most of the TV channels from all around the world. Besides, you can control Kodi right from your sofa with your Android devices. Thanks to it's high storage capacity you can activate it at any time to share the files in your home network, as a local NAS, even through Internet with other devices, building yourself a private cloud with nextCloud.


Gaming Center?

Anything old? With RetroPie you'll be able to play every game from your childhood from consoles like Neo Geo, Amiga, Atari, NES, GameBoy, SuperNintendo, MegaDrive, Nintendo64, DreamCast, PlayStation 1 y 2, Wii, etc.

Looking for something new? With Steam you'll be able to play many of the new games, even online based ones like Dota 2 or Counter-Strike. Besides, in your Ubuntu MC ONE we'll add by default games like TuxKart and 0AD (Linux's Age of Empires) and with PlayOnLinux you can install many iconic Windows games like League of Legends or Minecraft.

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Looking for a workplace?

With Slimbook ONE you can edit text documents, spreadsheets, presentations or designs.
You can mount your development/design environment on it and you can bring it anywhere when you've to visit your clients. It fits in your coat's pocket and it has an HDMI output to use it on monitors or projectors.


Active and silent refrigeration

Heating reduces processors life to half, something that many MiniPC manufacturers/assemblers ignore by building their computers with passive refrigeration.

We want you to use this computer for a long time, so we are building it with durability in mind. With active refrigeration, which only turns on when needed, so it's as quiet as possible.


Low power consumption

If you are from the type who leaves the computer on the whole day, either downloading or working with it, you need ONE because it consumes one fifth of the average power consumption of a desktop computer, which translates in saving money every month up to 30€.


Elegant and with a big heart

The computer is built with aluminium for the side parts and plastic glass mat on the upper part.

It's heart is composed by Intel processors i5 and i7 from 8th generation with an Intel UHD 620 graphic card with a resolution of UHD 4K.
Storage wise, it's composed of 2 storage drives, an SSD M.2 of up to 500GB (which reaches up to 2.200MB/s) and a SATA 3 HDD of up to 2.000 GB.

About the components, we always choose the top brans like Samsung, Crucial, Seagate, etc.





Technical specifications


ONE v2 Intel i5

ONE v2 Intel i7

Base price

499 €

579 €


Intel i5-8250U
1.6GHz, Turbo Boost 3.4GHz
4 Core 8 Threads
6MB Cache

Intel i7-8550U
1.8GHz, Turbo Boost 4.0GHz
4 Core 8 Threads
8MB Cache


DDR4 4GB, 8GB or 16GB

Disk space

 120GB, 250GB or 500GB SSD M.2
With speeds from 500MB/s to 2.200MB/s.

Secondary Disk

Optional: hard drive disk with storage capacities of 500GB, 1TB or 2TB


Intel UHD 620 with supported resolutions of HD, FullHD 1080, y UltraHD 4K


Wireless desktop mouse and keyboard
Couch wireless keyboard with integrated touchpad.
Game controllers to play with.


Optional: Windows or Linux

Optional Software
(only with Ubuntu Multimedia

With no additional cost and under GNU/Linux we include the installation and initial configuration of:
Kodi multimedia center
Usual office software, LibreOffice, etc

Wireless LAN

Intel 7265 N


2 x USB 2.0
2 x USB 3.0
1 x USB Type-C

Video outputs

1 integrated HDMI port
Optional conversor DVI
Optional conversor VGA


RJ45 Connection integrated with GigaLAN network


 Bluetooth 4.0

Audio outputs

High definition output via HDMI
Jack connections of 3.5 for input and 2 in 1 for output


Active refrigeration to extend processor's life.

Exterior  material

Aluminium and plastic glass mat

VESA support

Yes, included.

Security anchor



 12,4 x 12,8 x 3,7 cm

Included in the box

1 Slimbook ONE - 1 power supply - 1 mini cable HDMI -  1 VESA support


2 Years



 These are a few of the available accesories, you can see them all here.


* The installed software, both for OS (Ubuntu for example) as for the extra software (Kodi, RetroPie, etc) are property from their original owners and isn't sold, it's distributed for free under the same license associated by the creators.

* It isn't legal to use Kodi to watch pay to watch channels so we won't offer any support related, same applies to licensed games on RetroPie.

* Used hardware brands are subject to modifications and stock availability. As assemblers, we depend on manufacturers and stock from other brands, so in case these run out of stock we will replace them for another one with the same or better specs. A few examples of this are replacing the processor with an equivalent one from the same family or an upper level, or swapping the Wifi or SSD for another one with similar specs and compatibility.

Characteristics ONE