Last weekend we had the pleasure of attending the most important Gnome event in the world GUADEC. It is a series of lectures and high level educational talks. We were present on Friday and Saturday. Our stay on Friday consisted of attending the event and then we attended a social event for GUADEC attendees. In which a beach football game, a drink and a nice dinner were organized. On Saturday we attended the event and a Coffe Breack was made for the attendees sponsored by Slimbook, in the afternoon we gave a talk about the history of Slimbook, thanks to the attendees who voted us among the candidates to give a talk at the event.

In summary it was a unique experience in which we met a lot of interesting and talented people, and we are proud and grateful to belong to such a community.

Here are some photos of the weekend:

Slimbook in GUADEC 2018