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SLIMBOOK TEAM consists of Linux sysadmins and OpenSource developers, who after over 10 years of experience in the sector, in 2015, launched to the market something that wasn't an option at the time, high quality ultrabooks at a reasonable price..

"The best part of GNU/Linux is its community"
- Alejandro López, commercial director.

As Linux users, it wasn't right to launch our own GNU/Linux laptops brand without creating a community.

Because who would launch products offering Linux but not being Linux users at all? Sadly quite much every other brand who don't support the GNU/Linux community.

So eventually, we released our first laptop together with our forum and tutorials section. As the years go, we keep growing and adding new members to our community, besides that we make periodical donations to different opensource projects, collaborate with Linux based webs/blogs, sponsor community events and we've even involved on projects with some of the biggest free software organizations.
Nuestra Our most known collaboration comes with the KDE Desktop, which has a special model of our star product exclusive webpage of the KDE SLIMBOOK laptop.

"GNU/Linux is freedom to choose"
- Raúl Martín, responsible for the technical department.

Our laptops are offered with a wide selection of Linux's OS, and we try to add as many as we can day by day. But if you still need Microsoft Windows for any reason, don't worry, we offer total compatibility with Microsoft's OS as well, including all the needed drivers for everything to work perfectly. We even offer the 'Dual Boot' option, so you can have multiple OS preinstalled..
In this grid for supported GNU/Linux operating systems you'll find a list of tested compatibility by our technical service (available when you order your laptop) and a list for the community tests.

But we're not done yet! On our philosophy to give the user freedom to choose, we allow you to configure quite much everything from your laptop, choosing things like the display type, resolution, external colour, drives speed... things that might take more time and work but which we're proud to offer.


icono essentials

We also develop applications so you can configure your SLIMBOOK easier, but watch out, they're compatible with some laptops from other brands.
If you want more information on how to install them, check this page: Our Applications.

And of course, you can find us on some other webpages with out opensource projects:


github launchpad

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