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Slimbook PRO - cpu speed fan control

pauldenazelle On Tuesday, 01 August 2017.
Category: Linux



I would like to know the specifications to set up and to fine tune speed of cpu fan. I find it loud enven in idle and I want to lower rpm / stop it in idle. Then can you give the acceptable cpu temperatures?

Have you a good tuto do set it up? I intend to try since I've installed Arch Linux.

Is there specific programs / drivers to use or that you recommand?

Also, I'm a bit dispointed by the battery capacity, are powermanagement tools as powertop worth it?


Thanks in advance for your help



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Re:Slimbook PRO - cpu speed fan control
rafaslimbook On Wednesday, 02 August 2017

Hi Paul.

Can you contact with our SAT? There you will get some information and thay will answer your questions, I let you the link below to contact them: