How to turn on my computer?

If you own a Slimbook CLASSIC or KATANA, the computer has the power button on the keyboard itself, located on the top right, above the delete key.

What are the first steps?

If your notebook comes with Linux, the user is Slimbook as it is mandatory that Linux users have a password (although it may not be necessary to sign), the password is Slimbook.
If your laptop has purchased a license of Windows, the user is Slimbook and there is no password.

You can find a more complete guide HERE, first steps, be sure to read it.

Where I can find guides and tutorials?

We have a section for this purpose HERE, there is from tips to optimize battery use both Windows and Linux, to tutorials to reinstall the system.

Where do I download my bill?

When your order is sent automatically generates your invoice. You can download it by accessing your account <list orders <Click on the icon
The data of the company or person to whom the invoice is addressed, introduces the client to create the order, in the "Billing". These data may be different than those indicated in "Shipping Address".

How to know the status of an order?

You will automatically receive email notifications with all the information about the status of your order. You can also see the status by accessing your account:


Don't worry if you delay receiving a new notification during the assembly process. Sometimes the work load of the technical department is very high and the assemblies can be extended.

How to handle warranty?

No need to register your product, you're in our system for having purchased directly.
If your Slimbook has a fault under warranty, you must contact our SAT through this

Can I reinstall the operating system?

Of course yes. If you want to create a flash drive for this purpose and do not know, read this:

- How to create a bootable USB to install Windows (from Windows)

- How to create a bootable USB to install Ubuntu or Linux (From Windows)

- UNetbootin: Create USB Bootable for GNU / Linux (From Linux)

How to boot flash drive?

It's easy, but it depends on whether you have the BIOS v1 or BIOS v2.


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